Powerful or powerless in the Virtual Space - The Choice is Yours! By Ghislaine Caulat

Powerful_or_powerless_in_the_virtual_space.jpgWith the explosion of hybrid teams and the increasing pressure to protect the planet, it has become very important for leaders to understand how power works in virtual collaboration and leadership. Ghislaine Caulat’s work with teams at top executive level shows that top executives do not know what they don’t know about power in the virtual space. If you want to create a culture of “speaking up”, you need to understand the power dynamics in virtual teams. Powerful or Powerless in the Virtual Space – the Choice Is Yours! provides a strong combination of in-depth knowledge with very practical tips, that leaders can implement straight after having read the book.

Powerful or Powerless in the Virtual Space – the Choice Is Yours! is based on intensive research with 20 leaders across continents and organisations during a total period of two years. It is also based on the author’s work in Virtual Leadership since 2003 with over 2,900 leaders.

The reader will learn to identify how, differently from face-to-face, power can be expressed in the virtual space and how they can help people to speak up, or on the contrary how they can cut people off from their power without realising it. The reader will reflect about their own power and identify the skills that they need to strengthen their power in the virtual space. This book has been written with leaders and for leaders.

Release date: 8th July 2022

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