Our Experience in the field of Virtual Collaboration/Leadership and Virtual Learning

  • Conducting research since 2003
  • Ongoing delivery of Audio/Virtual Action Learning since 2005 with several multi-nationals (over 1,200 participants in over 20 organisations worldwide)
  • Ongoing delivery of Virtual Leadership/Virtual Team training initiatives since 2007 with over 27 global organisations and over 1500 leaders worldwide, in the corporate sector as well as in the public sector
  • Delivery of virtual strategy processes
  • Delivery of virtual innovation processes
  • Delivery of virtual mentoring programmes

In the context of our research we have identified the following key challenges for virtual leaders:

  • Establishing and maintaining trust remotely
  • Maintaining visibility and presence while remote
  • Influencing virtually without formal authority
  • Managing performance virtually and holding accountability without control
  • Nurturing social aspects remotely
  • Working with diversity (across cultural and functions) remotely
  • Establishing and working with the local context
  • Maximising own impact virtually

Our “How we Help” section gives concrete examples of our services.