Are you too busy to attend one of our workshops? Here is the perfect alternative: Training on Demand!

In this series of videos we give you 14 tips to make your virtual meetings effective, productive and fun. These are very practical tips that you can apply immediately for immediate results.

These videos are for managers chairing and/or attending virtual meetings.

They are also for managers who have worked virtually for a while and would like to improve the quality and outcomes of their virtual collaboration as well as for managers new to virtual collaboration and wishing to learn to do things right, right from the start.

To get an idea of the content of this video suite, you can view our free introduction video below.

To purchase this suite of 4 videos, please click the ‘buy videos’ button. The entire suite costs €300 (excl. VAT). You will receive access to the full suite of videos:

Video 1: 3 tips to run virtual meetings

Video 2: 5 tips to create the right conditions for effective virtual meetings

Video 3: 3 tips to speed up relationship building in virtual meeting

Video 4: 3 tips to maximize your impact in the virtual space

In this suite of videos you learn how to improve the effectiveness of the virtual meetings.

We will soon offer you a second suite of videos about the essentials of effective virtual leadership, meaning: what you also need to do in between meetings to lead a virtual team successfully, for example to manage people’s performance virtually or to manage conflict virtually . Leading a team virtually requires a whole set of skills and a different approach to leadership: this is precisely what we will explore in that second suite. We hope to meet you then and there.