Virtual working and learning so far has often remained a “second class” way of working, something you do when you cannot travel and that has been unsatisfactory for most people. The reasons for this development are as follows:

  • Managers tend to transfer onto the virtual space what they do face-to-face and have not always recognised that leading and working virtually is a new discipline that needs to be recognised and learnt in its own right.
  • So far, most managers focus on the task when they work virtually and leave the relationship aspects for the few times when the team meets face-to-face (if at all). This generates tensions, often even conflicts, as well as a lack of trust that gets in the way of developing generative relationships required for effective virtual working.
  • Managers tend to forget that they also have to lead in the virtual space! In order to be really effective they have to go to deeper levels of awareness and reflexivity.
  • All our training and development programmes are delivered virtually because we believe it is the only credible way to train people to work effectively virtually.

Our approach focuses precisely on these aspects, thus making the biggest difference and elevating virtual leading, learning and working to a real (often even better) alternative to face-to-face.

Our approach is also characterised as follows:

  • It is delivered totally virtually (because we believe that to be credible, the approach to developing virtual leadership and working capabilities can only be virtual in its delivery).
  • It is experiential and interactive learning, providing the participants the opportunity to gain experience first-hand.
  • It is practical with concrete learning points that can be applied straight away.
  • It is closely dovetailed with your organisation’s realities and highly tailored to make a big and direct impact.
  • It is sustainable and aims at developing your internal capabilities.