Matthias Bott

Matthias joined Black Gazelle Consulting in 2009 to support the virtual training as a technical facilitator.

He studied physics at the Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany. During his studies he worked as a croupier in a Casino - fascinated by the theory of probability. His interests in Mathematics and Physics kept raising. He has also worked at a German High School for a few years where he gave courses in physics to children of different ages.

Matthias has worked as a web development engineer for the last nine years and is a co-owner in a web development company. In addition to that, his work also includes consulting of IT-Infrastructure services for companies.

One of his main roles has been that of building bridges between developers and clients and optimizing processes of all kinds. Another important feature of his work is the support of customers.

Getting things done is one of his professional passions combined with being a team player.