Dr Ghislaine Caulat


Ghislaine has over 18 years of consulting experience across industries and continents. Having also worked for many years as a manager at Daimler and Beiersdorf she has a good understanding of what it takes to lead and manage in complex multinational organizations.

Ghislaine often works at the intersection of leadership, strategy and change and helps leaders to make strategies happen. Over the last 15 years she has led and/or contributed to major change and development projects for global organizations in the automotive, engineering, telecommunication and pharmaceutical industries as well as for global organizations in the public sector.

She has been researching in the field of Virtual Leadership since 2003 and specializes in helping teams to become high performing virtual teams and leaders to lead effectively remotely. She is convinced that organizations with Virtual Leadership capabilities will achieve a considerable competitive advantage, not only because of substantial savings in terms of costs, time and carbon footprint. They will also become faster at developing and implementing strategies and at cultivating learning and change globally. Ghislaine has developed specific and innovative approaches to leading and learning virtually, which have been implemented by many of her clients with very convincing results (personal references can be provided upon request). In the meantime she has worked with over 29 global organisations and has trained and coached over 2,900 leaders from all continents, in the field of Virtual Collaboration and Virtual Leadership. She has also trained over 100 consultants to become facilitators of Virtual Action Learning.

Ghislaine can help in several ways including:

  • coaching and/or training leaders facing the challenge to lead remotely
  • training teams to become high performing virtual teams
  • coaching existing teams on specific virtual projects
  • planning, designing and facilitating virtual strategy and/or change and/or innovation processes
  • designing and delivering virtual large group events
  • facilitating Virtual Action Learning
  • developing virtual facilitators
  • developing and implementing virtualization strategies to help organizations to become less dependent on the face-to-face while increasing their innovative potential

Ghislaine has lived and worked in eight different countries and speaks seven languages. She works in English, German, Spanish and French.

She currently lives in Germany and has created her own company BLACK GAZELLE CONSULTING dedicated to developing and promoting Virtual Leadership in organizations.